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What is Higgls?

Higgls is an auto mechanic marketplace, offering automobile maintenance services from the convenience of your location.

We take pride in our contracted mechanics, denoted as professionals of Higgls.

Our dedicated professionals take the difficulty and time waste out of car maintenance services, ensuring a better experience for you.

Higgls, a technology-based platform to give our customers, auto repair services connecting them to high rated professionals when they need it and where they need it.

Today the automobile market struggles to provide convenient solutions to the rising number of automobile owners and Higgls is changing how the automobile industry works.

Our services are based on a highly rated service standard. Downloading our mobile software connects you with the top-rated professionals of the region, they are to assist you with your automobile concerns most simply and effectively.

Our team of top-notch professionals values time and are trained to promptly respond to your job postings, with price quotation leading to your automobile fixation.

Our system enlists and recruits specialists. The system connects you with our certified and background-checked specialists through our mobile app.

Higgls gives you unparalleled automobile services, providing convenience and timely solution to you is our goal. Our service also includes the option of gift service to your friend and family just by adding the location and accepting the charge on your tab.

With the launch of the Higgls app, an effective and convenient car solution is only a touch away. Our team of professionals has benchmarked optimum service standards at minimum rates

Our payment methods are simple, integrated through a safe and secure system within the app, canceling usage of cash payments entirely.

Higgls saves you the time of long waiting and unnecessary distance traveling to get car services. A solution that saves money you spend on gas, conserving your time which you may spend otherwise watching a movie, or having a fun time with your friends or family. Our professionals cater to your automobile maintenance unsupervised and being notified through Higgls in-app notification system upon job completion.

Our quality assurance department is on board 24/7, keeping a keen eye on the overall work cycle, ensuring a smooth and hassle free experience to all users using our mobile ap

The Higgls team greatly values our users’ feedback. The customer care team guarantees a quality experience of higgls. Our online customer care is readily at your service to answer any queries and automobile concerns. We directly link our success rate to receiving top ratings from users of Higgls.

During the time of a global pandemic, Higgls ensures customers’ safety and convenience as the foremost priority.

Access our in-app services now, your permanent car maintenance solution is one touch away.