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Wth the rapid increase in automobile purchases, most car owners are continuously seeking a convenient and cost-effective vehicle maintenance solution. Today’s market is saturated with old methods, as a result, consumers get increasingly frustrated with the time it takes to complete a simple car maintenance schedule.

The rise of the automobile industry created a huge demand for smart auto repair solutions. Workshops are only available at a certain driving distance and often require reservations for car service in advance. There is no spot auto maintenance solution available to people living in distant locations.

At times, quality car care is offered only to customers living in close vicinity, leaving several customers’ uncovered. In such cases, the car workshop and service industry get negative ratings from their customers. Workshops have limitations of their own, operations are only limited to working hours, hardly any car care services are available 24/7. In any given job of the automobile, waiting lists, or to access, or to locate a mechanic takes an average of 3 hours. Mechanics who work mostly part-time also cause delays.

Also, workshops have bookings in advance for days. Acquiring quality workshop assistance from distance takes more time and energy, becoming a focused situation and a time-consuming task for automobile owners. Companies have not upgraded the customer service experience from classic dialing phone calls to diagnose auto problems to a technology-based platform for automobile maintenance.

A technology-based platform for automobile maintenance offers a viable solution syncing in a fast-growing digital environment. Higgls introduces a secure technology-based automobile service app, connecting its customers to a team of skilled expert mechanics, offering innovative and convenient car care solutions to automobile owners.